Redefining body image: Let's talk about our bodies differently!

Redéfinir l'image corporelle : Notre corps, parlons-en autrement!

We're talking more and more openly about the importance of loving and accepting ourselves... But we absolutely must change our tendency to criticize ourselves to talk about our bodies in a healthy, positive way. Often, our thoughts on body image are influenced by social norms or the stereotypes we see on social networks. However, the love we show our bodies should be a declaration of self-love and a balance with our inner selves. Together, we explore a refreshing vision of self-esteem, focused not on what we think it should be, but on what it really means to us.

Tip 1: Self-acceptance, the most important step

The foundation of a positive body image lies in unconditional self-acceptance. Amidst a sea of often unrealistic beauty standards, it's vital to ground ourselves in reality and celebrate what's unique about everyone around us. Giving value to just one type of beauty won't lead to happiness or well-being. On the contrary, nourishing the gratitude we have for our own bodies releases a healthy self-esteem that allows us to shine instead of forcing us to achieve unattainable and often unrealistic standards of beauty.

Tip 2: Body diversity, a TREASURE

Through unfiltered introspection, we can learn to celebrate the diversity of unique shapes, sizes and elements that make up our bodies. By celebrating and sharing body diversity in all its forms, we can more easily break down our preconceived ideas of beauty and create a space for admiring body diversity in others.

Accepting body diversity is essential for a positive body image. I recommend that you follow more people on social networks who look like you and make you feel good. Pages or people who share values that look like you. Here are some of the Instagram pages I most like to follow related to selflove and diversity:

Sonia Tremblay

Vanessa Duchel

Nelly London

Megan Jayne Crabbe

The Birds Papaya

Tip 3: Stop your inner critic

The critical voice inside us can be our worst enemy when it comes to body image. It's so important to recognize that this voice is often influenced by unrealistic beauty standards or comparisons with others. Slowly learn to reduce criticism of yourself by focusing on your own unique qualities. The day I started seeing my scars, stretch marks and small body differences as what makes me unique, I felt so much better about my body!

Tip 4: Movement as a source of joy, not restriction

Exercise is often linked to weight-loss goals or a "hot girl summer". However, engaging in physical activity should be a celebration of our bodies and what they can achieve, rather than a means of control. Finding an activity that brings us pleasure and makes us feel good about ourselves will not only improve our health, but also our self-esteem. It's so important to combine pleasure and physical activity for a healthy relationship with your body.

Tip 5: Surround yourself with support and positive affirmations

The road to a positive body image can be challenging, but it can be considerably smoother and more enjoyable with the presence of caring people. Surrounding yourself with kind-hearted people who remind us of our worth enriches the soul. In turn, supporting others on their journey reinforces the power of this collective support and creates a positive spiral of kindness.

Tip 6: Compliment others without embarrassment

Complimenting others can often be easier than appreciating yourself. We all have the power to uplift others by making them feel good about themselves. Getting into the habit of complimenting freely, without hesitation, can help create a culture of positivity around us. Plus, it can reduce the tendency to compare ourselves to others while focusing on our own unique journey.

Ultimately, it's so important to remember that our body is the only place we have to live our whole life. We must learn to love and celebrate it, but also create an environment where gentleness towards ourselves and others is put forward. Together, we can change our negative perceptions into a positive body image, not only for ourselves but for future generations. To conclude, I leave you with this little quote from Louise Hay, which I particularly appreciate:

"Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens."