Our story

Our story

Hi, I’m Karen! I created my business in 2020, after discovering selfcare as a way to improve my mental health. Taking care of my mind & body had such a positive effect that I wanted to share it with everyone else. To help deal with stress and anxiety, everyday with no exception, I reserved half an hour of « me time » only. Taking a bubble bath, reading a book, eating my favourite homemade meal, playing with my dog… Anything to just relax and enjoy the moment. Something I truly liked to do  during my selfcare moment of the day, was using the joyful, colorful and cute body care products I made myself! I always had a creative and crafty mind, so I wanted to make it myself!

At the same time, in april 2020, I was almost done with my Business Managing DEC in Cegep, so I gained a lot of useful business knowledge. I didn’t really know what kind of career I wanted to have… Honestly I was lost. If you don’t believe me, just ask my internship teacher (Hi Caroline, if you someday read this. 🙂)

How did I get the idea to turn this into a business you ask me? Well, a friend came to my place one day and saw my homemade products. I will always remember that she said: « Oh dear, It smells so good!! Can I buy you some? »

(Hi Emilie, if you someday read this. 💕)

I was honestly surprised that someone liked my cherry scented whipped body butter so much, that they spend hard earned money to buy it. (I even have a picture of the product I made at the time. My first whipped body butter!)

Then I had an idea. Why wouldn’t my selfcare and bodycare interest be linked to my future career? It’s a thing I enjoyed and was interested in, so I just knew I had to give it a shot.

I made SO MANY RESEARCHES. I honestly was obsessed with chemistry, cosmetic regulations, online selling platforms, business laws, suppliers, funding and everything in between. As soon as I had a minute available, I would make researches and educate myself on the matter.

Since I was just out from school when I truly launched my business in december 2020, I have to admit that my budget was pretty small, but my motivation was not. I remember saying to my doubtful friends and family: « You know, this is what I want to do. Yes, I am 100% aware that it’s risky. I can fail, like a lot people unfortunately do in business. » I have to admit that I was really scared. It was something totally new to me, and never really had an entrepreneur mindset.

Then I realised and said: « The thing is, I want to achieve that life goal so much, that I am willing to eat ramen everyday for a few months if it means I can invest in my dreams. » 🤭

My friends laughed, and said: « Well, if you know the risks and you are willing to work and make sacrifices, I am confident that you can succeed! »

Special mention to my mom, Lorraine who always believed in me. She believed in me so much, that she paid for the raw materials order I needed to complete my first product launch. She even took the time to go with me in Longueuil, to buy it and cheering up on me and my project.

I have to admit that, sharing my story makes me realize that I am truly blessed. I am so grateful to everyone I met along the way, building my business brick by brick.

I want to add that, I come from a middle class family, so she really gave me that money because she wanted to help, but also out of good will & trust.

After all that, in december 2020, I officially opened my online business. I remember exactly the fragrances we launched:

Peachy Raspberry, Juicy Berries, Key Lime Banana, Raspberry Lemonade, Coconut Pineapple, Dragon Fruit and Wild Berries.

Since then, Sugar Lemon has flourished and has sold its products in every states of USA and is now available in more than 50 retailers in Canada. We’re super grateful for all the love & support from our clients, and we hope you are as excited as we are to share our selfcare obsession with more and more people around the world every single day. 🩷